Snow Service Club Supports Community

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There is a club on campus that devotes all its time and energy into helping others, finding ways to uplift the community, and make Snow College students more involved people. The Snow College Service club is actively involved in weekly events to help the community.

Students who join the Snow College Service Club sign up to participate in specific portions of the club, such as reading to elementary children, volunteering in the retirement center, and even helping members of the community learning English.

Holly Crow, a member of the Service Club, believes the club truly influences the community for good.

“Giving service makes the community more beautiful and the giver more beautiful,” said Holly. “Giving service is giving love, which is why Service Club is so important to me. I am learning how to better show love to others.”

Students in the club agree to serve at least twice a month; however, many of their members put in far more time than what is required. Students choose what programs they would like to be involved in, and many develop beneficial relationships with those they serve.

Aside from the weekly and monthly events, the club is involved with smaller groups. The club does one major service project during the semester where everyone in the club joins in. This campus-wide service project is a great opportunity for all students to help out and do some good around campus.

If anyone is interested in getting involved with the club in the future, they should contact President Jacob Southwick and find what possible programs they can get involved with.

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