Snow Students Can Use Career Badger to Find a Summer Job

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Career Badger website. Photo courtesy of: Snow College homepage

Career Badger website. Photo courtesy of: Snow College homepage

Summer is slowly creeping up on us. It’s a break from school, homework, and tests, but it means that we have to earn enough money for school  the next semester. Snow College has a great resource available for those that are trying to find employment for the summer called Career Badger.

Career Badger is easy to use.The “Admissions” button on the Snow College website,, will lead to a dropdown menu.  In this menu the button “Student Jobs” will lead to a link to the main Career Badger website. If a student isn’t registered, it is a simple process that doesn’t take much time. Once a student is registered they can click on the job search tab located towards the top of the page. A student can use the keyword and position type tabs to find a specific job. It will also list jobs available out of state.

Career badger also allows students to update a resume. It gives several layouts that can be followed to create the best looking resume. It also has an employer search link that lists organizations and lets the user know of any openings that the organization may have.


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