Snow Students Eat Out

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Ephraim City offers a variety of places to eat out. Snow students can choose anything from pizza to burgers, from home-style cooking to international flavors.

Students new to Snow College might not be aware of all the food options available to them in Ephraim and the surrounding area. Despite Ephraim’s rural setting, it boasts an array of options for students looking to eat out with friends or skip the dishes for the night. Some of those options include sit-down restaurants, while others offer a quick meal on the go.

“McDonald’s and Maverick are good if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat,” says Brandon Sanchez, a freshman in his first semester at Snow. “Little Caesars is super economical.”

Students looking for that quick bite could also stop by the delis of the local grocery stores, Market Fresh and Walmart, where they can find dishes like salads, chicken, and potatoes.

In addition to McDonald’s and Little Caesars, some larger chain stores have a presence in Ephraim, including Subway and Papa Murphy’s. Students interested in unique options have several choices too.

Football team members Teti Saaga, Sherwin Thor Lavaka, Nela Papela, Isaac Fotu, Matthew Gotel and Troy Murray eat together at the local McDonald’s. Ephraim hosts several places where students can meet with up with friends for a meal.
Photo by Andrea Call

Both Malena’s and Los Amigos restaurants offer a Mexican food menu. “Malena’s is the best place in Ephraim,” says Spencer Call, a freshman in his second semester. “Good portions. Good food. Reasonably priced.”

Kalama’s Island Style is another that offers an ethnic flavor, with a traditional Hawaiian menu. With an Italian flavor, the sit-down eatery Roy’s Pizza has pasta dishes. The Snow Dragon brings Chinese food to the table. “Snow Dragon is actually really good,” adds Sanchez. “I’m an avid believer in ‘hole in the wall’ Chinese places.”

For the American palate looking for a burger, Malt Shop and Abundance are two options on Ephraim’s Main Street. Students willing to spend a few minutes driving south to Manti have further options, including Miller’s and Fred’s. Manti also has its own pizza shop, Main Street Pizza. Dirk’s Farmhouse Restaurant, another in Manti, is a sit-down restaurant with home-style options like pasta, soup, steak, and desserts.

In addition to the food vendors off campus, Snow students have the option of getting food from the Badger Den, available in both the Greenwood Student Center and the Karen Huntsman Library.

Andrea Call lived her childhood in Manti, Utah, before moving to Montana, Wyoming, and finally Wisconsin. She is currently attending Snow College as an English major and will pursue a bachelor’s in English after receiving her Associate of Arts from Snow. An Honors Program participant and a skilled wordsmith, her work has been published in the Sanpete Messenger as well as Snow College’s newspaper, the Snowdrift. She plans to make her career as a book editor.

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