Snow Students Speed Date

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On October 8th, Snow College students were all invited to an event called Real Life Tinder in which they participated in a fun kind of speed dating.

With music playing and people to meet, Real Life Tinder was entertaining for all who participated. Amberly Grabowski said that Real Life Tinder was, “A great experience for people to get out there.”

Haylie Miller, President of the Business Club, explained that this was the second year that they held this event. “We originally planned to use it as a fundraiser, but it didn’t earn enough revenue for that. We only charge money in order to pay for what was spent on advertising and the event itself.”

What is Tinder? Tinder is an app where, based on profiles, people can “swipe right” or “swipe left” depending on if they are impressed or not by the small snippet they see from their profile. If both people swipe right, then a match is made.

Real life Tinder is based on the app, and was basically run in the same way, but with a few differences. First, all the participants signed up and got a number to identify them. Then if they liked someone, they would write down that person’s number. Later those papers would be collected and reviewed to see who matched. The girls sat at tables and stayed where they were, while all the guys sat across from them and got to move to the next girl after the three minutes of getting to know each other.

When asked to compare the app to the real thing, Justin Johnson, a student at Snow College shared his thoughts, “I rarely use Tinder, but this is a lot better. It’s good to meet people face to face because you can read their body language.” Bethany Winslow also commented, “It’s a little awkward because I’ve seen a lot of these guys on Tinder, but it’s nice to see them in person.” Many students agreed that Real Life Tinder was a lot better than the app.

At the end of the night, the participants got to see their matches and were given their matches’ phone numbers. They also had their name put in a raffle, and prizes were given out.

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