Snowdrift Goes Digital

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The age of technology brings about a great deal of change in the way things are done in the world. With the emergence of Kindle and other tablets, it has become standard to have books and other literary media stored and viewed digitally.

While it is purely a matter of personal preference, some people have come to prefer digital media to paper. Recently, the Snowdrift  joined this trend and put together an online version of our newspaper. On the website, there are pictures and articles from each edition of the newspaper archived and accessible to anyone. There are even extra pictures that didn’t make it into the physical paper posted. The website is complete with staff biographies and a search box so that it is easy to find articles on any particular topic.

“The Snowdrift is Snow College’s reputable college newspaper. The quality of our paper is astounding and is completely produced by students attending Snow College.” This is what the Snowdrift’s mission statement is, and it applies to the Snowdrift website just as much as to the newspaper itself. The same goes for the Snowdrift website. Creating the website was a way that the Snowdrift can help all Snow College students to stay informed and up to date about events on campus and topics that matter to the student body. “I think it’s really great that I can just get online and look at what’s going on at Snow College and what students like me think about current events,” said Snow College student Melea Leavitt.

It is easy to navigate as well as a current way to get news out to Snow College students.

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