Snowdrift Goes to Philadelphia

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On October 27, four members of the Snowdrift, along with their advisor, flew to Philadelphia for a four day college media convention.

The group, consisting of writers, layout designers, and photographers, spent their weekend in specialized workshops tailored to their area of work.

Speakers from the New York Times, Philadelphia Daily News, and advisors from universities across the country were in attendance. Some were even awarded multiple Pulitzer Prizes. Others have won the title of “Best of Newspaper Design” more than once.

“It was amazing hearing from speakers who have been so influential in the media,” said Crystal Snow, “they know what works and what doesn’t, and have helped me see where our paper can improve.”

Members of the Snowdrift had the opportunity to review their newspaper with a professional editor, a professor in Virginia, who has over 30 years of experience in the business.

“Our newspaper critique session was an overall success,” explained Sandy Cox, the Snowdrift advisor. “We were able to see areas the can be improved upon, and continue with parts of our newspaper that have been successful.

Snowdrift staff is excited to continue improving the paper and finding new ways to appeal to the students and faculty of Snow College.

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