Snowdrift takes on the Capitol

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Members of the Snowdrift Staff and their advisors traveled to our nation’s capital for a three-day conference last week.

The Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Association (ACP/CMA) conference included daily breakout session in which the students were able to learn more about different aspects of journalism. The different sessions included topics such as how to be a better designer, how to be a community journalist, how to edit your own work, adapting to changes in photography, etc.

Snowdrift editor Sara Schoenfield, particularly enjoyed a session on internships and jobs within journalism. “I liked how it talked about how to make it into the field and why internships are so important. They told us that the experience was worth more than your GPA.”

While the educational aspects of the conference were enlightening, the group also took the opportunity to see the sights of monumental proportions, literally. The Washington Monument, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and Vietnam War Memorial were only some of the incredible sights.

The group was able to witness many places of history and fame, including those near and on the National Mall. Writer and layout designer, Danielle Pidcock said, “My favorite places to visit would be the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. I loved the architecture and history within those special places.”

Photo editor, Jacob Clawson, especially appreciated a private tour of the Capital, where they were able to see many things hidden to the public. “We were able to walk the office halls of our senators and congressmen, interact with the press on the day of the Trump impeachment inquiry vote, and sit in the Senate and House of Representatives galleries.” 

Although the trip is only once a year at a rotating venue, the enjoyable times and challenging participation is still something in which Snow College students can be involved. The roles of photographers, writers, designers, and editors still have vacancy. Contact Sandra Cox to become a part of the staff.

Tessa Thornley is a Communications major, in her second year at Snow College. She chose the path of journalism because of her love of storytelling. She inherited that love from her English teacher mother, and after growing up in the passenger seat of her dad's pickup truck, hearing his tales. She aspires to continue documenting people's stories through words and photos as a photojournalist.

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