Snow’s Fashion in the Snow

President’s Leadership Team model their ugly Christmas sweaters in front of the judges. Madison Daybell won a mug w/candy. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Worthington

The temperature is dropping and the heater is turning up in Ephraim. While investing in clothes may not be on the top of a student’s to-do list, there are things worth investing in during these chilly winter months that might not be too expensive. 

One good idea to try during these winter months is to dress in layers. Having more layers provides more insulation and keeps the body warm. Snow College students’ top picks to wear for the winter season are: Flannel shirts, coats, and boots…all things to keep them warm, cozy, and dry.  

Students Shelby Shipley, Lillian Malay, Kelsey Curtis, Kaylee Killpatrick, and Isaak Wilhelm attend a Christmas Party in their Christmas sweaters. Christmas themed activities will be hosted on campus through the month of December. Photo by Adam Allred

Saving money and shopping don’t always go in the same sentence. Snow College student Kaydee Wood said, “Look for deals like buy one get one half off or go online and find deals.” Finding deals online can be easy, especially during the holiday season. 

Some students really think things through while shopping. Shelby Argyle said, “I have to debate whether or not I’ll wear it. Is it worth spending money on it? It’s all about saving your money. If you can’t imagine yourself wearing it, then maybe it’s wisest to not purchase the item.” 

Deals can be found anywhere, so shop with that in mind. The things that seem to be in fashion is anything warm. Snatch up those deals and bundle up! 

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