Snow’s Forensics Team Competes in Washington

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While Washington might be known for its evergreen trees, space needle, or drizzling rain, the Snow College Forensics Team got to know it a little bit better January 27-29th.

The team attended the Western Washington University campus to compete in individual events and debate. Joseph McPherson and Kyle Friant did well with NPDA debates, a style known for its quick speaking, line by line refutation, and policy based topics. Rebecca Bair entered in individual debate, or IPDA, a style known for charm and relatability of public forums, which resulted in a Top Speaker Award.

In individual events, Elysa Garcia took 1st place with her prose piece, retelling the story of Elizabeth Smart. Elysa said, “It really helped my piece to actually see Elizabeth Smart at Convocations. I got to change up how I spoke based on what I saw.”

Kyle Friant placed 3rd in extemporaneous speaking and 1st with his persuasive speech about safe spaces and coddling students in educational spheres. Joseph McPherson also placed 6th in extemporaneous speakingJake Davis performed an After Dinner Speech about political apathy that had people laughing and questioning how much they actually knew about the government. Rebecca Bair received 2nd with her prose piece about the Stanford Rape Victim and 6th place in impromptu speaking.

At the end of the day, Snow College did extremely well placing 3rd overall for two-year colleges. This year the team has traveled to Colorado, Oregon, New York, and Washington. The enduring team mission statement is to, “to provide team members with the opportunity to compose innovative messages for social change, participate in tournaments on a national and international circuit, develop valuable public speaking and critical thinking skills, achieve academic excellence, and engage in conversations centering around diverse ideas and cultures.”

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