Snows Got Game!

Chase Christensen plays a space themed card game during a lunch break. Photo by Adam Allred

Nights burdened with heavy loads of homework and studying are lightened by Snow College students through playing games with roommates and friends.  

College can be a very challenging and time-consuming aspect of a student’s life, and sometimes it is necessary for students to have some fun in order to relieve stress. Adreanna Judd, a freshman at Snow College, said, “I usually play some card games or board games, but most of the time we have this rubber soccer ball that we throw around to each other in our living room. Even when our neighbors come over, they automatically go to the ball. The card games I have played with my roommates are Speed, Egyptian Rat Killers, and Uno Attack. One of the board games we play is Boxers and Briefs, which is very similar to Apples to Apples, but it is more fun in my roommates’ opinion.” 

Tagaloa Tapusoa and Kyle Painter compete against each other in a game of Soda Pong at a christmas party. Photo by Adam Allred

While card games and board games are options for many students, others prefer games that require movement and a lot of talking. Kaitlyn Gilson, a Snow College student, said, “I like to play What-If, Signs, and Numbers with my roommates. What-if is where everyone writes down a question on a piece of paper, puts it in a bowl, and then everyone redraws a paper. Then they write down an answer to the question on their paper.

William Ah Kuoi strategizes his next move as he reviews his cards. Photo by Adam Allred

After this, one person reads their question and the person next to them answers, and you just go around until everyone has their turn.” For students looking for a fun game to play, ask those around you or find something on Google. There are ideas all over.  

If students find themselves with a little spare time on their hands and they want to do something fun, they can grab their roommates, their neighbors, and/or their friends and play some games. 



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