Snow’s Music Recap

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Snow College hosted three concerts on three consecutive days in late March. The songs played included a wide variety of music, such as Jazz, classical, and even some locally inspired songs.

The Snow College Wind Symphony performs a song from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Photo by April Carver

The Snow College Wind Symphony performs a song from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Photo by April Carver

The first performance happened on March 22, and was a composition recital where students who received private lessons from Professor Trent Hanna. The students then performed the music that they wrote.  This is the first time that such recital has happened, but students plan to perform twice a semester.

The second performance happened on March 23 and was called “Safe Haven”. The music was written by Professor Hanna, but was performed mostly by students.

The third concert was the “Trent Hanna Community”, a concert that was performed on March 23. The music was written by Professor Hanna, and performed by him and 7 students. This concert featured locally inspired music such as “Snow Falling on Mount Pleasant”, and “Fairview Utah”. The performance also premiered some of Professor Hanna’s new pieces like “Potluck”, and “Mayhemerica”.

Trent Hanna in a music professor at Snow College who transferred from Texas 4 years ago. He’s the creator of the “Trent Hanna Community”, and has written and composed over 200 songs. “Once I came to Snow College, I was surrounded by talented students to make my group.” Professor Hanna and students contributed to Snow College’s tradition of holding a wide variety of musical performances.

Jeff Smith is a member of “Trent Hanna Community”. “How will we succeed if we don’t push our boundaries? We get to play music that challenges us, and makes us uncomfortable. We get to try new things.”

For those interested in concerts for the rest of the semester, they’re usually at 7:30 P.M. in the Jorgensen Concert Hall. It’s free with a student ID card, and $5 for the general admission.

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