Snow’s Soccer Season Starts

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Snow College hosted three friendly club games this past Saturday, February 25th. The games weren’t official, and were refereed by coaches and staff.

The men’s team played one game against La Roca, a club team from Salt Lake, where they won with a score of 3-1. The Snow players who scored were Sam Bamberlister from England, Tyler Roldan from Australia, and Tanner Browning from St. George.

The Women’s soccer team played one game against La Roca, and won with 2-0. Then they played Arsenal, another club team from up north, and lost with a score of 0-2.

Felipe Firmino, a midfielder on Snow’s men’s team says, “It was cold and tough, but still fun. It was a rough game for us because it was in spring, but in the end, we did a good job.”

Snow College never had a soccer team before the Fall 2016 season. Adding both men’s and women’s soccer teams to Snow College’s repertoire will boost their reputation within the National Junior College Athlete Association.

Soccer is growing within the United States as one of the most popular college sports to watch, and havin soccer teams added will bring more students to attend as well as more crowds to public events.

Reagan Johnson, a student at Snow said, “having a diversity of sports at Snow College gives kids from neighboring small towns hope that they can make it into collegiate sports as well. It’s empowering.”


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