Soccer At Snow

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There is a hope among hundreds of Snow College students that a soccer program will be started at Snow College, and that hope is looking brighter than ever before.

Snow College has an amazing soccer club, students who organize themselves every week to play the game they love. The club team even plays against other college club teams in the state, and, more often than not, wins those games.

Alia Cook, a freshman here at Snow College, had the opportunity to play soccer at Utah State Eastern before she transferred to Snow for spring semester.

“I loved playing college soccer but the school just wasn’t the right fit.” explained Cook, “If Snow got the soccer program it would definitely provide a place for local players to go and would diversify the campus by drawing in a new crowd of students.”

The proposition is currently pending as President Carlston decides if this is the best change for the college to make right now.

There is no better way for him to understand how the Snow College community feels, than by getting feedback from students and faculty alike.

Professor Bill Jensen, with the help of other faculty, has produced a survey and sent it out to all students. The survey is three questions long, but the act of taking it alone shows that students care, and would support a soccer program.

“We feel it would bring in students from Utah, who are currently going out of state to colleges like Western Wyoming to play soccer.” Said Bill Jensen, “If we got a program going here at Snow, it would potentially bring in students that currently have to seek a team elsewhere.”
Although there is no shortage of student athletes willing to play, it is our responsibility as a part of the Snow College community to let our thoughts be known on this topic, in favor of the change or not, to see any progress made in this decision.

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