Imprisoned By Technology

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Lacey Sharp shows off her Tinder account on her phone. Photo by Crystal Snow

Lacey Sharp shows off her Tinder account on her phone. Photo by Crystal Snow

At first, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tinder was exciting and fun. Now it has left many students at Snow College wondering what all the fuss was about.

Social media has its peaks, but mostly it just has downfalls. Facebook has been used for keeping touch with friends, old and new, but it has also been very addictive. Facebook introduced games, quizzes, and other apps that made people more likely to stay on it.

Another bad thing about social media like Facebook is the amount of personal information that can be found on it. “Facebook stalking” is now considered normal if you want to find out more about anyone without actually having to meet or talk to them. People are interacting with each other a lot less. It’s easier to send a quick message or to check a status update rather than talk to someone face to face.

Hyrum Stanford, a student at Snow college, comments, “I think social media is overused. It’s supposed to be used to stay in contact with people who live far away or out of state, but really it’s just a waste of time. I think it’s ridiculous that people you see every day like your friends, and your siblings try to add you.” We are not only having face to face relationships less with friends and family members, but also with the people we are around every day.

Imagine this: it’s your first day in class. You walk through the door, sit down and pull out your phone while waiting for the professor to start the lecture. You glance around the room to see everyone else doing the same. College should be a place to meet new people, create friendships, and experience new things. Social media can put a dent in real relationships.

Tinder is an app used to meet strangers in your area. You only see their name, age, and a picture of them. If you like their picture you swipe it to the right. If you don’t like it, you swipe it to the left. If you mutually like the other’s picture then you will be able to message them. Tinder has been used like an online dating website and has a growing number of international users.

Many students at Snow College have used or are using Tinder now, but it seems that the fun in it has died down. Carly Lewis, a student from Snow College, agrees, “Tinder had it’s time, and it was really popular, but now it’s dead. Maybe it will pick back up around Valentine’s Day because no one wants to be alone.”

Other social media like Snapchat is letting students keep in touch with a sense of being there. This is a good and bad thing. While it’s fun and cool to take and receive Snapchats, no longer is it necessary to talk about your day with your friends because they already saw most of it anyway.

Mykelin Christensen, a student at Snow college, comments her thoughts on social media,”I think it’s all good, but we spend way too much time on our phones and computers talking to people, instead of actually going out and talking to them face to face.”

Although we have many internet “friendships”, social media could leave us with few real relationships. So put down the phone, log off the internet, and put yourself out there. Visit old friends, make new ones, call someone you haven’t in a while, or even go talk to that guy or girl in your class that you’ve had a crush on.


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