Socializing on the Dance Floor

From gliding with the waltz, and keeping up with the fast-pace of the Lindy hop, members from the ballroom team and several technique classes occupied the Greenwood Student Center floor on the night of October 17th 

This event, Social Dance Night, was organized by the Snow College Ballroom Team and provided students the opportunity to showcase the steps they already knew, and to also try out new steps to several different dances. Christian Bastian, a dance instructor, helped participants pair up with others to learn new moves and assist them with the footwork and placement.  

In addition to learning different steps, the ballroom team also presented two of their dances, the bolero and the cha-cha for the rest of the participants. A variety of different music was played throughout the evening, allowing individuals to practice newly acquired steps and show off the different dances they knew.  

Kaden Jeffs, the vice president of the ballroom club, thought the event was an overall success. He encourages all who are interested in attending to come and participate because “It’s a lot of fun and so much better than your average school dance.” Kaden’s favorite part about being on the ballroom team is “The sense of unity and friendship that comes with being on a team, and to be able to dance and be active.” 

Another member of the ballroom team, Megan Mason, the president of the club, enjoyed the environment of the social. “Just a group of college kids getting together and ballroom dancing. It was super fun and it felt elegant.” Her advice to anyone who wants to join the team is: “I would say do it! Ballroom is super fun, and honestly it’s a skill that you can use your whole life, because let’s be real, at least knowing the basic steps makes dancing in the moonlight so much more romantic than just swaying.” 

The Snow College Ballroom Team’s next event, the Snow College Dancesport Open, will be held on November 18th. Starting at 10 a.m. in the Greenwood Student Center, the competition will commence with various events for other dancers from all over the state to compete in. The ballroom team encourages anyone to come and support those who perform.  


Members of the ballroom team perform the Bolero after countless hours of practicing the routine during their class. Photo by Gaylynn Judd

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