Solid Rock Café Hot Chocolate

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Photo courtesy of Solid Rock Café

Photo courtesy of Solid Rock Café

“I wanna hot cup of cocoa with a marshmallow or two, I wanna hot cup of liquid only the chocolate kind will do.”

Where can Snow College students find the best hot chocolate in a small town like Ephraim?

Solid Rock Café is known for their bagels, smoothies and their caramel macchiato. They should be known for their hot chocolate. Former student Raquel Jones said “Solid Rock Café’s hot chocolate is delicious.”

During any season you can get either dark or white hot chocolate. Once the cold seasons hit you can ask for their peppermint flavored hot chocolate. Also if you feel like being a dare devil you can ask them to add one of their syrup flavors into your hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate is good and inexpensive. The smalls are $1.75, mediums are $2.00 and the large is $2.25. During this chilly October you can get their October special, a large hot chocolate and a muffin for only $3.00!

When you get the cold chills, head on over to Solid Rock Café for their hot, hot chocolate.

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