Spring Break without Breaking the Bank

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Don't break the bank this Spring Break! Photo Courtesy of www.debitsavvy.org

Don’t break the bank this Spring Break!Photo Courtesy of www.debitsavvy.org

With spring break just around the corner, it’s time to start deciding what you should do and how you should spend your beloved time off. Here are 5 ways to spend your break, without breaking the bank.

  1. Go camping: grab a tent and some marshmallows to roast and head into the mountains for some relaxation and fresh air, weather you are close to home or plan on heading somewhere far camping is a cheap and relaxing way to spend the break.
  1. Go on a road trip: Sightseeing is a great way to get out of Ephraim and explore the state that we live in. Jacki Thacker says “I plan on spending my break in St. George. It’ll be great to have a break from school.”
  1. Relax: Having a break from school gives us students a chance to do absolutely nothing. Over the break, spend some time with the family and watch some movies or do something that doesn’t have to do with school. Relaxing is a great way to prepare for the final few weeks of the semester.
  1. Make some money: Spring break is a great time to go out and work to make some money for the final weeks of the semester or whatever you want. Student Kassidee Oakeson says “Now’s a great time to plan for the rest of the semester. I plan on working to get prepared.”
  1. Visit your family: Home sweet home. Going home is something us college students look forward to, after all you can’t eat ramen your whole life. Being with your family is a great way to just hang out and have some great food. It will also be great to see them before the stress of finals week.

Make sure to make the best of your spring break. Destress, make some progress and make some memories, but most of all be safe.

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