Spring Cleaning is Fast Approaching

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The Happy Camper is a great place to take all the things that come from Spring Cleaning. Photo by Rubie Hernandez.

Some beautiful weather is coming in to brighten spirits and finish off the semester. Along with the feeling of Spring comes the saying, “Spring Cleaning.” Although some might not want to, this can be an excellent excuse to obtain that last push. A little refresh in one aspect of life can have a domino effect on other parts of life. A clean house leads to a clean mind ready to study for finals. 

The thought of “Spring Cleaning” can be daunting, but breaking down the process will help immensely. Start by categorizing what needs to be done. Make a list of cleaning tasks, and then prioritize things that need to be done. In addition, try to separate different rooms into each day of the week. College students are busy with jobs, school, social life, etc. Cleaning the entire apartment in one day might not be possible. Do the kitchen on Monday, bathrooms on Tuesday, and bedroom on Wednesday. Another tip would be to make cleaning fun! Turn on some music, open the blinds, and clean with a smile. Music is used to boost spirits all the time, so why not bring it into the cleaning process?

Now that the whole apartment has been cleaned, the next challenge is maintaining it. One thing that could be put into practice is a “15 minute pick up” in the morning before class or at night right before bed. This means taking 15 minutes out of the day to pick up laundry, make the beds, and straighten up the kitchen. Doing these small things every day will make it easier to keep up. If one person in the apartment is not supporting the clean atmosphere being created, communicate. 

Snow College student Tosha Jorgensen says, “I just assign everyone a job for the week, including myself, and then one person doesn’t feel like they are always the one cleaning. If everyone is involved, it also takes the pressure off the conversation with an untidy roommate.” 

Communication is critical in any type of relationship. Not every badger is going to jump for joy at the thought of cleaning. It is all about how the task is approached.

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