Spring into Excitement this Semester

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Along with a new class schedule, don’t forget to take advantage of the Student Life activities, sports events, free food, and social opportunities that Snow College has to offer.

On Tuesday, January 12, the Student Life department will be hosting a Welcome Back Game Night at 6 pm. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn a new game or two, and satisfy that snacking crave.

Freshman, Wyatt Dilley, expresses his excitement for what the upcoming semester has to offer, “I’m so incredibly exhilarated for this upcoming semester because Student Life always has the best activities and free food.”

For some, Student Life activities give students a break from their strenuous class schedule. Freshman, Naomi Andersen, expresses her thoughts on Student Life activities in her schedule as a college student, “I have really difficult classes this semester so I’m really excited to be able to take time to have some fun! Ephraim is so small so it’s sometimes hard to find things to do, which is why it’s awesome that Student Life does so many activities to keep you busy and help meet new people.”

Participating in weekly Student Life activities is a great way to get involved, but an even better way to stay connected with other Snow college students is to join a club. Make sure to stop by Club Rush on Wednesday, January 13, any time between 11 am and 2 pm. Snow College offers a variety of different clubs from all different points of interest; there’s surely one club that will sound intriguing to join.

One club that is always eager for new members and who also hosts an activity every week is Western Swing. Hosted above Roy’s Pizza every Wednesday night at 9, there’s always excitement and new dance moves to be learned. Did you know it’s been proven that dancing can improve physical, intellectual, and social aspects of a person’s life?

For a more academic activity to add pleasure and diverse learning to your week – join Convocations. Convocations is a one credit class, which can be repeatedly taken for credit each semester. Take an hour out of your week every Thursday at 12:30 to listen to artists, musicians, and educators share their passion.

Adding extra-curricular activities to your busy class schedule can be hard, but there’s always a way to become more involved with students around campus. Even if it’s just taking a study break and grabbing a piece of pizza at the GSC for 10 minutes. Look around and take advantage of the opportunities to become more acquainted with the people and social events around you here at Snow College!

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