Squid Game: A Global Hit

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Squid Games. Photo Courtesy of BBC.com

Those who keep an eye on Netflix’s top 10 rankings, probably have seen the new Korean original Squid Game. According to Forbes, Squid Game is the number one show in at least 90 countries. It was released on September 17, 2021, and is all over the mainstream media. Hwang Dong-hyuk produced the script of this masterpiece back in 2009, but unfortunately, he had financial problems while producing the series. Many people criticized the show for being too bizarre but Dong-hyuk’s dream was unstoppable. Now it is known as one of the most famous shows in the world, and Dong-hyuk currently has a net-worth of 5 million dollars from it.

Dong-hyuk had an interview with The Korea Times, where he explained the plot of the series and why it is so unique. He stated this by saying “Other similar genre series or films follow one hero solving difficult puzzles to become a winner. But this series is a story of losers. There are no winners ― no geniuses ― but rather a person who takes each step forward with the help of others.” He intended to represent the financial struggle within the characters and the risks of being too ambitious. The survival games take place in a secret location, with 456 players that are facing extreme poverty, willing to risk their lives for a win of 45.6 billion won ($39.4 million). 

The Korean children’s games played by the participants are from the 70s and the 80’s giving the audience a sense of familiarity. The games and the clothing have gained so much credit, that many people are purchasing the costumes for Halloween. The show in general is all over social media, magazines, youtube videos, etc since the trend of the moment. 

Squid Game could be set as a good show to analyze and reflect on. Not only by the relationship of the players but the perspective of everyone involved in the game. 

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