Steel Badger is Hair, Metal, and Rock-and-Roll

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Steel Badgers rocks the house. Photo by Ileana Brown

Steel Badgers rocks the house. Photo by Ileana Brown

Snow College welcomed its very own original band, Steel Badger in the fall of 2015. It was founded by Snow College student, Blake Sharette. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree through the Horn School of Music here at Snow College.

Blake started Steel Badger for the experience of performing live and to enjoy the live music atmosphere. Sharette said, “I wanted to do something that would help develop my stage presence, because as a musician that’s really important.” Steel Badger is comprised of five Snow College students who are all pursuing their degrees in music: Blake Sharette- the lead vocalist and guitarist, Jordan Saucier- the lead guitarist, Joshua Jackson- on rhythm guitar, Nathan Budge- on bass guitar, and Isaac Linares- on drums. The band also incorporates back up singers depending on the performance.

Steel Badger is a band based on the stereotypical ‘80s rock bands. They perform covers by Poison, Black Sabbath, The Scorpions, and Bon Jovi. Steel Badger has performed one original song called Fierce as a Badger, written by Blake Sharette and Joshua Jackson. Blake chose Steel Badger’s hair metal theme because it’s not only fun, but it helps them become comfortable on stage and allows them to experiment with on stage presence. The crowd will also have more fun engaging in the live performance. Blake adds. “Hair metal is great because most everyone likes it. It’s outrageous, loud, and fun to dance to. It’s a party.”

Steel Badger has performed at the Greenwood Student Center (GSC), The Plaza, and they will be performing at the Richfield Campus Wednesday, April 20 at 7:00pm. These students dedicate a lot of time to their passion of music. They love the energy, creativity, and learning behind the work put into producing music and performing it. Steel Badger will help guide these students to musical careers they will seek after graduation. This opportunity will not only give them experience and hands-on-training, but they will have made connections with their band members for future performances. Joshua Jackson says,  “It benefits me in a career for the fact that I am able to play music that most people love. Many 80s songs can teach you skills that you can apply to modern music. Learning the songs makes me a better musician and gives me opportunity of a lifetime.” The head of the guitar department, Rich Dixon has allowed Steel Badger to count this activity towards a one credit combo. With the many classes music majors have to accomplish this helps them work towards graduation while enjoying their time in the band.

For more information on Steel Badger like them on Facebook at “Steel Badger.”

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