Student Art Gallery: “Artists in Residence, Works in Progress”

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On April 5-30, Snow College students, a majority of them being a part of the Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) program, will be showcasing their art pieces in The Art Gallery located in the Humanities building.
The Art Gallery’s exhibit is called ‘Artists in Residence Works in Progress’ and features a number of different AFA student’s art pieces. There is a wide variety of students who are sharing their artwork in this gallery, and because of this, there are many different types of mediums being displayed.
Alia LeMmon is a Snow College student who is a part of the exhibit. LeMmon shares what being a part of this exhibit means for her, “It’s very validating, it gives me hope and confidence that I could potentially make it as an artist.”
Some students are choosing to sell some of their artwork such as Sophie Betts. Betts shares “I put them up for sale [because] I feel like [my pieces] could benefit someone else far more than if they just sat in my closet or at my parent’s house. I believe art should be shared, so why not let it give someone the joy it’s given me.”
Prices for each art piece being sold are located on a plaque near the student’s piece(s). The plaque also gives information such as the title of the art piece, the student’s name, and what type of medium is being used. Anyone can purchase the art pieces being sold by contacting the artist who created the piece.

Alia LeMmon displays her ‘rising pinwheel’ sculpture. Photo courtesy of Alia LeMmon.

Kaylie Webster is currently attending Snow College and hopes to attain her Associate's in Science. While at Snow, Webster is also hoping to get her Communication certificate which is one of the reasons she is apart of the SnowDrift Newspaper. After Spring of 2021 Webster will be graduating and heading off to Utah Valley University to work towards her Bachelor's in Human Resource Management.

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