Student Highlight: Ganae Osorio Produces CD

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Snow College student produces her own CD.

Snow College student produces her own CD.

Student here at Snow College produces her very own CD.

Ganae Osorio, a freshman completing her second semester here at Snow College, recently produced her own CD on Monday, January 27, 2014. This CD is called “Vaulted Skies” and it features 10 original songs by Ganae.

One song on the CD, “Hear Their Word,” is a special song to her. This song uplifts her when she sings it. “Hear Their Word” is about God’s grace and his love for all of his children. When you need a moment to breathe, listen to this song.  It is also meant to help remind you that you are in control and that life is for learning.

Her song “Ferris Wheel” is a song that she performed at her brother’s wedding.  It’s about choosing to love someone and not be afraid to do so. It’s about getting over the scariness of love and being able to start a new life with someone.

Ganae Osorio said, “The main thing I like in music is the realistic side of it.”

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