Student Body Officers Elected

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Brady Curtis and Preston Moon were elected to be the 2021-22 Student Body President and Vice President respectively.
Curtis and Moon were elected by Snow College students in a vote that took place last week. Using their slogan, “It’s time to come out of the den.” They want to “bring back tradition, Reconnecting, and Resiliently adapting to any coming challenges next year brings.”
Students can expect more of an emphasis on mental health by the Student Body Officers this upcoming year. The President and Vice President believe that being more connected as a campus will help fight the stigmas around mental health.
After experiencing a year of lockdown, connecting to the school and to other students may help with wellness in general.
With the turmoil of the last year, students may have some concerns about holding events. But these SBOs promise to be resilient and keep having safe fun.
The new president and vice president had this to say about COVID-19:, “We pledge that we will continue to adapt and advance to any coming challenges this next year brings.”
Curtis and Moon also promise to bring back tradition. On this they said, “We can re-engage everyone with the activities, clubs, and organizations we’ve come to know and love in our time at Snow College”.
Badgers can expect great things from Curtis and Moon. They are ready to get started making life awesome at Snow.

Emily Parnell is a Sophomore communications major at Snow College. She has a great passion for writing and reading. She joined The Snowdrift newspaper to help her pursue a career in public relations.

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