Student Finds Expression in Parkour

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A student here at Snow College has a hobby, gaining the interest of nearby observers. Rayon James has been doing parkour for a few years, and has improved much since his first attempts.

Many students may think Ephraim is a small town with little to do for entertainment other than school activities, but parkour is an activity that can be done almost anywhere. Parkour first captured James’ attention when two of his friends got into it. None of them were very skilled at parkour, but they enjoyed progressing.

As the three of them advanced, they moved on to performing flips. They began to see their environment in a different way.  James started attempting the front flip when he was attending high school. It was an event that made him feel very accomplished. “I went to the track at the football field, and where there’s a sandpit for the long jump, I decided I was going to try a front flip,” said James.

James wants to improve his parkour skills by forcing himself to try new moves, beyond his comfort zone. He believes that he can maintain his skills by staying fit and continuing to practice, even if it means receiving more injuries. Overall, he knows that it will be worth it in the end.

When attempting a new parkour move, he feels intimidated because many thoughts come to his mind all at once. When this happens, he does his best to keep his mind focused and tells himself, “If I’m afraid to fall, I’ll fall because I’m afraid.”  For James, it usually takes about a day or two to perfect a move.  “It’s not really about perfecting to me, it’s more like getting the concept of how it works,” says James. He feels like everything will work out as long as he believes in himself. He considers the front flip and the side flip to be his best moves, because that is what he started with.

The most important thing that Rayon James has gained from parkour is courage. Parkour has helped him to see things in a completely different way. He has learned to have confidence in not only parkour, but also in life in general.  It is obvious that parkour has had a large impact in his life.

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