Student Finds Interest in Family History

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Steven Johansen shows off his kilt.  Photo by Desiree Guangorena

Steven Johansen shows off his kilt. Photo by Desiree Guangorena

Steven Johansen, a student of Snow College, is proud of his Scottish heritage, which runs through both sides of his family.

Johansen’s family history goes back to some of the first rulers of Scotland, connecting both sides of his family. What he enjoys most about his heritage is learning some of the stories of his ancestors.

Something that Johansen dislikes is that many of the traditions, stories, and customs of his culture have been lost and forgotten over time. One thing that gained his interest for heritage was when he was on an LDS mission in Mexico.

While visiting a family near the end of his mission, Johansen noticed that each of the oldest sons of the family possessed a silver coin, so he asked what the reasoning was. He learned that the great-great-grandfather of the sons had fought in a war and received each of the coins as a medallion for his accomplishments.

Hearing the story of the silver coins made Johansen realize that his family did not have anything that was passed down through the generations, so he decided that he wanted to learn about his family history. Occasionally, Johansen wears a kilt as a way of honoring his Scottish heritage. This attracts much attention.

As a result of learning more about his heritage, Johansen now feels closer to his family. Some members of his family have also started to gain interest in their heritage.

“I’m very proud of my heritage,” said Johansen. “I’m proud of the things I’ve learned, a lot.”

Sometimes Johansen gets negative feedback when he wears his kilt, which makes him realize that some people do not understand the value of practicing a culture.

“Every little thing in my kilt means something,” said Johansen.

It is obvious that for Johansen, each detail of his heritage and culture has a great amount of personal meaning.

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