Student Highlight: Guilherme Ramos

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Photo by Jentri Lyman

Photo by Jentri Lyman

Guilherme “Jeremy” Ramos  is a 18 year old freshman in his first semester at Snow College. He hails from Sao Jose Dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Jeremy is currently studying foreign languages, he chose to study at Snow because of this very reason.  No other college would allow him to take five language courses at once. This along with the scholarship he was offered made Snow his college of choice.

After Snow College he plans on transferring to a university in Arizona. Why Arizona? “I have always appreciated the great beauty of Arizona, especially the sunsets,” said Jeremy.

He enjoys soccer and hanging out with his friends. His favorite food is rice and beans.  His favorite class is Japanese.

His favorite moment at Snow College so far was the Super Bowl Bash,”It was really cool,” said Jeremy. His funniest moment was when someone asked him if he spoke Spanish, despite the fact that the national language of Brazil is Portuguese.

Jeremy is happy to be attending Snow College and is he proud to be a Badger.

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