Student Highlight: Katelin Crockett

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Photo courtesy of Katy Cochrine

Photo courtesy of Katelin Crockett

Katelin Crockett, a 19 year old freshman here at Snow College, is an energetic and fun person.  She always finds ways to stay involved and have the time of her life during her college years.

Katelin attends as many activities put on by the college as possible. “I like to go see the different colleges that come to visit, go to the dances, sporting events, and be a part of the intramural sports,” she said.

So far this school year, she has been a part of six different intramural teams including sand volleyball, basketball, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, wally-ball, and volleyball.

After Snow College, Katelin plans to attend Utah Valley University where she will major in the culinary arts.  “My biggest dream is to open up my own bakery, but one that is nutritious,” said Katelin.  She has always enjoyed cooking, and it has become one of her favorite hobbies.

Some other hobbies that Katelin has are hanging out with friends, playing with children, and playing sports.

Everyone has a bucket list of things to do throughout their lives, and Katelin is no different.  The top three items on her list are, travel the world, get married, and go cow tipping.

Katelin is having the time of her life at Snow College; she enjoys the environment and the smallness of the community.

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