Student Life Sponsors De-Stressing Painting

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As a part of wellness week, last week on February 13, student life sponsored a night of painting to a Bob Ross video while eating brownies.

Brian Bertolio embodies the spirit of Bob Ross for the night. Photo by Tessa Thornley

The activity was planned by the BAMM committee, led by student body officer, Maksad Annamuradov. In celebration of wellness week, student life wanted to contribute their own activity. “We chose the Bob Ross painting because it helps with anxiety, depression, and stress and we wanted to give students that little outlet,” said Annamuradov.

Approximately 250-300 students attended that night. Each one in attendance was given a small canvas and a paper plate with paint. Then the amateur painters would follow along to a YouTube video of Bob Ross painting a lake scene with pine trees. 

Although the video was quick for many of the students to follow, many yelled for it to be paused so they could catch up. But many still enjoyed it. Tyler Ekins felt that, “painting is harder than it looks,” with his friend Kaitlin Millward chiming in to say, “mad respect Bob Ross.” Many others thought it was a great way to combat stress and a much needed release.

Tessa Thornley is a Communications major, in her second year at Snow College. She chose the path of journalism because of her love of storytelling. She inherited that love from her English teacher mother, and after growing up in the passenger seat of her dad's pickup truck, hearing his tales. She aspires to continue documenting people's stories through words and photos as a photojournalist.

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