Student Musician Shares His Thoughts and Advice

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Student Spotlight Jordan SaucierSnow College student, Jordan Saucier, not only dreams of becoming a professional musician, but also strives to make that dream a reality, living and breathing music day in and day out. Jordan feels that “Music is an artistic metaphor for everything in the universe.”

Music is his love and passion. He started learning music at age 13. Captivated by rock musicians, he wanted to emulate them. Jordan does not have a specific genre of music he prizes more because, “In a world of music, it’s like a buffet. I want to try everything on the menu.”

Jordan took up the guitar and saxophone throughout middle school and high school. Guitar is now his main focus. He is majoring in music through the Snow College Music Department. He participates in a cappella choir, jazz combos, CME (Commercial Music Ensemble), Steel Badger, which was put together by Saucier, Blake Sharette, Josh Jackson, Nathan Budge, and Jorge Salas. They play a variety of 80’s hair metal along with an original song.

You may see Jordan play in music concerts and on his free time, as he often plays here in Ephraim at Malena’s, solo, or with Jake Larsen, Grant Huston, Colton Hanks, Jesse Clayton, and Nathan Budge. The band plays a variety of jazz standards for the locals. If you ever want to catch him playing the guitar, he will be playing the National Anthem at some of the upcoming winter sports this fall/spring semester.

Outside of school, Jordan plays in a band called The Thrill Collective with band mates Dane and Keaton Otto, and Jared Bailey, performing at venues such as The Complex and Kilby Court in Salt Lake City.

In the world of music, it can be very competitive. To become the best of the best you work hard, know your music, and network. As Jordan says, “Music is the complex relationship between sound and time.” His best advice for music lovers is, “Make sure you are always listening and aware. Take it all in. And the only person you are competing with is yourself yesterday.”

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