Student Plant Succulents

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On Wednesday, February 12,  Badgers got down and dirty while planting succulents for kindness week. “Planting Healthy Habits” was put on by Student Life with help from the Wellness Center in giving students tips on how to plant healthy habits.

Hot chocolate, popcorn, and succulents were free for students to enjoy at the activity. Sandcastle buckets were in the middle of the tables and were filled with dirt for students to transfer their succulents into little pots that were provided. 

Lexy McCormick plants her succulent at the Wellness activing during Wellness week. Photo courtesy of Jacob Clawson

Students all around loved the plants. Von Reid, a Badger, stated, “These plants are adorable!” Adding to Reid, Kenzie Perfill said, “These plants will cure my depression.” 

Either, as much or more, some students loved the activity as a whole. Rachel Talbot said, “Succulents are great plants for busy college students! Thanks for such a fun activity!” Talbot wasn’t the only student thankful for an amazing activity. Emily Baker joined in saying, “Such a fun activity! So grateful for those who put it together for us!”  

Along with cute plants and pots, Alyssa Munro, a volunteer, and Rachel Sturman, a Wellness advocate, put on a presentation for the students in attendance. When asking what the best message for students take away from their presentation, they both agreed on the point of hope. Munro stated, “Just like plants surprise us when they survive, we should surprise ourselves when we think all hope is lost and have a rebirth.” 

To top things off, there were little flyers with tips on how to plant healthy habits for students and their succulents. Some students left the activity smiling along with ideas like drink water, go outside and enjoy the sun, or start a journal.

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