Student Spotlight: Francisco Escobar

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Francisco Escobar is a proud international student here at Snow College. 21 years old and five semesters into schooling here, he left his mother, father, and brother in Ecuador and came to the United States in order to learn English and pursue a career in journalism. 

Thousands of miles away from home, Francisco had to make his own way without the help of friends, family, or even his native tongue. 

 He only went home during Christmas to see them, otherwise he stayed and worked to support himself over the summer. When asked about his education at Snow so far, he stated, “My whole experience has been good, and I think I am blessed because the education here is better than in Ecuador, the opportunities I have here are better than in Ecuador.” 

Despite his positive attitude, Francisco wasn’t always so sure about his plan to come here. 

One of the biggest fears he faced was rejection. Not only would his nationality and race put him in the minority, but so would his sexuality. 

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Fran cisco faced very real concerns about being able to fit into a small town in rural Utah. When asked about this, he stated, “When I came here, I was out of the closet already, so I didn’t have to fight with myself. I think I have found people here who appreciate me; who I can call friends. Overall, it is pretty positive here in Ephraim.” 

For now, Francisco continues his education in hopes of writing for a fashion magazine in New York City one day. He is a good example of the types of challenges the international students here at Snow go through. 

 It can be hard to leave everything you know behind and immigrate to the United States for a better life. At least in Francisco’s case, he believes it was worth it. 

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