Student Spotlight

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Bailee Udink.  Photo courtesy of Bailee Udink.

Bailee Udink. Photo courtesy of Bailee Udink.

Bailee Jo Udink is a freshman here at Snow College. Like everyone, Bailee has her own bucket list and
dreams that she wishes to fulfill.
The top three items on her bucket list are, swim with a dolphin, go to comic con, and go on a hot air
balloon ride. “I would say my biggest dream is to go to Greece,” she said.
Bailee loves animals, especially cats and has many hobbies, some of which include, reading, doing crafts,
watching movies, and watching TV, but her favorite hobby is dancing.
She has been dancing since she was two and a half. Before attending Snow College, Bailee was on the
drill team at Clearfield High School where she was a Falcette.
Her dancing career hasn’t been easy. Many bones and muscles have suffered from dancing. Bailee has
broken all ten toes, her wrist, and her nose while dancing, but that didn’t stop her from doing what she
Dancing isn’t the only way her body has been injured. When Bailee was three, she chopped off her
finger. “I was trying to help my dad catch some fish by throwing rocks into the water, and when I
grabbed a little rock, the bigger one slid down and chopped off my finger,” she explained.
Bailee isn’t always injured or dancing, she also likes to have fun with her friends, especially in the
summer. “My favorite part of summer was when I went to Summer Jams, and I was front row.”
Baillee is making the most of her college career and loves living with her best friend.

Mikayla Hepworth is originally from West Jordan, Utah and is now a sophomore at Snow College. She is currently co-editor in chief of the Snowdrift. Mikayla has been involved in journalism for the past three years and has been a part of the Snowdrift staff for two years. Mikayla plans to attend Utah Valley University next fall to continue her education. She is majoring in elementary education and hopes to one day be a kindergarten teacher.

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