What Students Can Do Now to Prepare for Next School Year

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Even though August is six months away it is time for students to start preparing for the next school year, this includes both students transferring and staying here at Snow College.

Whether graduating or taking education somewhere else, students have to prepare for transferring to different colleges. Transferring includes transcripts being sent to other colleges, going through the acceptance process, and applying and qualifying for scholarships. Transcripts can be sent to different colleges through the registration in the Greenwood Students Center by calling 435-283-7230. They will send students transcripts wherever the students wishes. There is a small fee that comes with the sending of transcripts.

Becca Bair a Snow College Sophomore who is graduating this spring is planning on transferring to UVU in the fall and has started to prepare for that. “I looked at different colleges to just to see the transfer level of my credit. I found that UVU was the best fit for me. So far I’ve really like the whole transferring process, it’s like a new start. I’ve had fun here at Snow but I’m excited for a change!”

Now is the time that colleges are taking requests to be accepted. If there is a desire to transfer schools, students should make sure to keep in mind the deadlines for applying and scholarships. They should keep an eye open for different universities that come and visit Snow College’s Campus. Representatives will have specific information about transferring and important dates to know. They are usually out by the bell tower, if there is bad weather, they will be set up in the Greenwood Student Center. Often, signs will be posted in order to provide students with information.

Ciara Weiss a sophomore is planning to transfer to SUU, and be a part of their ambassador program. Ciara said this about her experience of preparing to transfer, “I’ve been a Snow ambassador for two years, and loved many aspects of this position. This has led me to want to become an SUU ambassador. I already have accepted one scholarship to SUU, and now I’m just going through the process to become an ambassador. I’ve done a lot of the normal preparation like getting my transcripts, getting accepted and visited the campus.” 

For the students staying at Snow, there still is preparation that has to be done for next fall. Class registration is coming up within the next month. The following dates are registration: March 10, for Veterans, March 13, for sophomores, or students who have earned 30+ credits, and March 27, for freshman, or students who have earned 0-29 credits. New students will register April 3. Students can find information about specific classes through BadgerWeb.

Students need to make sure that they have made housing accommodations for next fall before they leave for the summer to ensure a spot in a house, or an apartment. Contact apartment management about next fall’s housing situation.

Katelynn Steinbrenner a returning Snow College student for fall of 2017 was asked what she is doing to prepare for next fall. She answered “I plan to go back to the same apartment complex, so I have started to look at pricing and others things like that for next semester.”

Look out for important dates, and deadlines regarding the upcoming fall semester. Any questions about important dates can be found online at snow.edu or in the Greenwood Student Center. Snow College students should remember to keep track of all the things that have to be done for next semester, so you don’t miss out on attending Snow College again next fall.

Whether a student is transferring or continuing their education at Snow College, the Snowdrift wishes good luck to students in all their academic endeavors.

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