Students Embark on Service Trip to Guatemala

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On Thursday March 9th students from the Snow College Education Program, Service Learning Club, and Construction class took a trip to Guatemala to give service to the children of the Colegio Mesoamerican School in Chimaltenango.

Everyone went for a different reason. The students from the education program went to teach English, and the Construction and Service Learning students built a nature walk at the school, so that the students there could have a botanical garden.

They were also able to travel on a bus they call the “wonder bus” that is described as a kind of mobile library run by two seventeen year olds. They take secondary students from Colegio Mesoamerican and take the bus out to the public schools around the private school to share with those that do not have all of the resources that they do.

“My favorite part of the trip”, said Shaunie Nelson, “was being in the school and working with the students. Being able to serve with them and learn with them, helping me to come to love their culture and appreciate the similarities children all around the world share. It was easy to adopt their happy attitude and reach out to get to know as many students as I could.”

As well as being able to give service, students were able to participate in some of the local culture and see sights. These included: getting a tour of the Iximche Mayan ruins from some of the students from Colegio Mesoamerican, hiking the Volcan de Fuego, where they were able to roast marshmallows over some of the hot spots, take a boat across Lake Atitlan, and got Salsa dancing lessons some of the natives.

Sammi Hunt said, speaking of her experience down in Guatemala, “Going to Guatemala was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. Working at the school and seeing their culture was unbelievable! I learned so much and I will never forget the experience.”

Snow College offers many opportunities for students to broaden their horizons. These opportunities can open doors for those being served, as well as those who are serving.


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