Students Look to Sell Housing Contracts

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IMG_1092As the end of the semester comes closer, students are becoming more and more determined to sell apartment contracts, move out, and find new roommates to live with. All over campus, students are looking for a new place to live for the remainder of the year, for a variety of different reasons.

“The busy times [for room changes] are at the beginning of the semester and the end of the semester,” said Scott Mathie, Residence Life Coordinator. “Our software allows you to choose your room and talk with your roommates over the summer before you come, so room changes are outside of the regular standard.”

Along with students trying to sell their contract and move somewhere new, some students are hoping to simply trade rooms, which must be approved by the Office of Residence Life if they live in a residence hall.

“I seem to get along better with [someone else in my apartment],” said Brandon Plante, who is looking at trading rooms with one of his roommates. “I feel it will be more peaceful day-to-day because we just have more in common.”

“With on-campus housing, we don’t do the selling of contracts,” said Mathie. “We ask students just to cancel their contract, then we in the office will put it on ourselves to fill it. We try to work with the students and accommodate to their needs and wants.”

Students that are looking for a new place to live for spring semester are not alone. Just talk to people around campus, and surely they will either find someone selling their contract or, if they live on campus, they can cancel their contract with the Residence Life Office, and they will fill the space for the student.

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