Students that love hunting so much they’ll even do it while going to school

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This weekend, some will go watch a football game and others will either go home or hang out with friends, but a rare breed spends their weekend differently: hunting. How is one able to enjoy hunting season, a big thing for some of Snow College students, while attending school?

For many Snow College students, the rigors of school make it hard to commit to the hunt. Some go home to grab the equipment that they need before the trip.

“For me, it takes a lot of time in order to do it right,” student Mike Williams says. “With school happening, it’s more school, then up in the mountains and scouting out the ones that I really go for, the big bucks.”

Some students even have to wake up as early as 3 a.m. just to make sure that they could get to the spot that they need. Some students that do hunt have to remember that they cannot take all equipment needed like firearms. Many will either leave them at their parents’ house or sometimes leave them with their friends that live nearby. With work comes great reward at the end.

“I have to leave all my hunting equipment at my parents’ house,” student Dillon Hamilton says. “My mother forbids me to bring those items, so the best option is to leave right after school on Friday and travel to my parents’ house and wake up the next day and go on the hunt, but it is worth it at the end.”

Overall, hunting and studying may be challenging, but the end, when the person gets the buck that they desire, or whatever they are shooting for, comes to a purpose in the aftermath when having a meal for them or their friends or family.

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