Students March in honor of Dr. King

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On the evening of January 21, Snow college students gathered together to march across campus in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. After marching from the bell tower to the library, participants were then privileged to see a video made by students on campus talking about Dr. King and how he was able to bring awareness about civil rights by fighting for rights in a way that is nonviolent.

After the video, the keynote speaker, Dr. LaShawn Williams, gave a presentation about the importance of connecting across differences and how Dr. King influenced that. Towards the beginning of the speech, Dr. Williams congratulated the students on marching across campus and compared it to the walk to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 

On the subject of the boycotts, Dr. Williams said, “Can you imagine being so committed to something that you would walk over a year to make a point?”

The presentation continues to talk about some of Dr. King’s lesser known ideas, especially towards the end of his life where he was not only fighting for civil rights; but also other things that were very important to history.

Dr. Williams continued to speak, emphasizing how civilization needs to make more of an effort to understand others and imagine the pain that other people might feel. 

After a successful evening, Dr. Williams sums up the whole presentation by saying, “We owe it to each other to be good to each other and we can’t be good if we don’t know how to sit in the place of pain. Maybe I can’t heal the pain, but I want to help.”

Snow College’s students march in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. on January 21.
Photo by Jenna Prestwich.

Katrina Furr is a freshmen at Snow College who is aspiring to be a journalist. She loves all types of music and especially loves to sing and play the flute. She also loves spending time with her family and friends along with playing with her dog Bentley. Katrina is excited to finish spring semester at Snow College and then she wants to pause her schooling to go on a mission for the LDS church.

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