Students Register for Spring Semester

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Students are encouraged to register for classes for the spring semester as soon as possible.  The best classes fill up first, so it’s best to reserve a spot quickly.  For the students who aren’t sure what classes they need to take, councilors are available in the wellness center to help students decide what their best options are.

For the students trying to fill up their schedule, but aren’t sure what else to take, now is the time to branch out of the comfort zone and try something new.  A variety of classes are offered at Snow, anywhere from a Japanese foreign language class to kayaking.

An easy, one credit class that all students are encouraged to take is Convocation.  Presenters and entertainers come to Snow from all over to lecture and perform for students.

Zumba, yoga, and aerobics are classes that will keep students fit during the colder months when working out isn’t a top priority.

There are plenty of options for students, so they should reserve their spot in the classes of their choice today.

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