Study Skills

Michael Coleman and Sione Asi study in the library computer lab for their classes along with fellow teammates on the football team. Photo by Adam Allred

Students cramming, crying, and being sleep deprived is a common occurrence on a college campus when there are quizzes and exams to be taken.  

Studying can be a challenging task for students. There are various tips and tricks to help studying be more effective. Students can stay motivated by surrounding their space with sticky notes or pictures of goals and inspirational quotes to remind them to work hard. Another option students have is to ask a friend, roommate, or family member quiz them on main ideas. Making their own note cards with practice questions can reinforce what students have already learned because they have to write down the information again.  

Students Thomas Anderson, Seth Robertson, and Jordan Homer catch up on homework at the library. Photo by Adam Allred

Taking a break can be a refreshing way to study productively because being tired or frustrated can inhibit one’s capability to understand and retain information. Anne Yardley, a freshman at Snow, said, “I have learned that while studying, you need to focus entirely on one subject for 25-30 minutes, and then take a break before returning to your work. It helps eliminate your distractions, and going on a walk or moving around helps you recall the information you have studied so that your mind doesn’t just associate the concepts with a certain environment.” 

Students Lexie Homer, Aubrey Williams (middle) and Aubree Williams (right) find the library to be a good location to study together. Photo by Adam Allred

Another way to increase one’s understanding is to ask the professor for assistance. Shalece Sorenson, a student at Snow College, said, “I have learned that going to see the teacher for help is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes you do all you can do, and the teacher is the one to help you the most.” Sorenson later explained how she struggled with her math homework, so she went in to see her professor. “I went in for a bad score on homework and he worked with me to help me understand. He even gave me partial credit for the work I had done even if the answer was wrong,” Sorenson said. 

Doing well on quizzes and exams can be a challenge, but there are tips out there for students to use. For study ideas, go to:, and/or 

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