Studying With Technology

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Technology can be used as a study tool to help students better understand what they are learning.  Students here at Snow College often spend hours reading textbooks, some not realizing that there are other ways to study.

A good way to use technology for studying is to use to look up definitions of words and other information. “It always gave me quick and precise definitions for words,” said Rylee Thurgood, a student. The website does not have long paragraphs that are time-consuming to read, but instead gets straight to the point. This resource can be helpful for understanding how specific words can fit into sentences. By using, students can have confidence not only in their vocabulary, but also in completing homework assignments.

Textbooks sometimes use words that are more complicated, so can be useful when trying to understand what a word means. While is a great resource, Quizlet is an app that is also great for studying. Quizlet provides multiple ways to study, which includes flashcards and a variety of games. Getting started is not very difficult, as students just have to create their own study sets. If they choose, they may copy information from another source or add pictures.

“StudyBlue is my favorite app for studying because it has all the flashcards, especially for those classes that you have to have a lot of terms for,” Liz Young said. “I used it specifically for anatomy, and it had all of my flashcards on it so I didn’t have to rewrite them on a piece of paper.  I like it because it has specific classes and schools that you can sign up for, and then it tells you the people in your class and where you’re supposed to be in that class, so then you know specifically where you’re supposed to be studying-wise.” StudyBlue is an app that can be great for studying, because it allows students to look at the definitions so they can try to match them to their term, and vice versa. A drawback of using StudyBlue is that occasionally there are missing flashcards.

These are just a few apps and websites that can be used as a great resource for studying, which is an important factor in the outcome of students’ grades. There are many more ways that technology can help students learn and improve; they just have to figure out what works best for their individual learning styles.

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