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Photo courtesy of Casey Yardley

Photo courtesy of Casey Yardley

Shinhye Kang (Cindy), is a student at Snow College who graduated this past semester. She is an international student from Korea and was recently offered her dream job. She is a real success story for Snow College.

Cindy did some schooling at a university in Korea before she came to Snow College. She graduated in December 2013 with her Associates of Arts degree. Her favorite part about going to Snow is that it was really fun, small enough so she can get more help from her professors, so many nice people, and further from a large city so she can meet more Americans.

She is moving back to Korea this week where she will be for a month and then to the Middle East. Cindy was offered a job for an international airline called Etihad based in Abu Dubai. She is a little nervous for the move, but says, “I love traveling and meeting new people.”  Etihad Airlines hires flight attendants from around the world and makes stops in the United States, Asia, Europe, Australia and many other places.

Cindy hasn’t been home to Korea in two years, so she is looking forward to spending a month with her family and friends. She was involved in many different activities at Snow including the international club and a math tutor. She also enjoyed her summer job working for the housing department.

Sam Heikinen, Director of the Center for Global Engagement said that Cindy was “always a positive and constructive force on campus. She has a great attitude and treats everyone the same.” Heikinen along with many students and faculty at the Center for Global Engagement will miss Cindy’s positive and friendly attitude.

When asked if she’d like to add anything else, Cindy said, “If American students have the chance; visit the Center for Global Engagement. It is open for every student. Get to know others and other cultures. It is good for both international kids and American kids.” She added that the international students are here to learn about and be friends with the US students. She encourages all students to be more involved.

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