Surviving the Last Four Weeks of School

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The long-awaited Spring Break has come and gone. Now students are left wishing for summer, but face with five more weeks of school.

Sophomore Shaylin Pace busy studying and read to graduate soon. Photo by April Carver

Sophomore Shaylin Pace busy studying and read to graduate soon. Photo by April Carver

Some say that the time between Spring Break and the last day of school is the worst time for a student. Students had the chance to go one full week free from classes and assignments. It’s like a little taste of summer. Once that week is over though it is back to school work. Class assignments, projects, and exams are all due. Studying for finals and taking finals all happens during these weeks. Meanwhile, students have a hard time staying focused and motivated to do their class work.

Chloe Haymond, was asked about her feelings about this time in the semester. She said, “I find it very difficult to stay motivated to do my classwork with summer being so close.”

Students who feel like they are struggling to finish out the year should follow some tips to use to make it through the rest of the school year.

The first tip is to be organized. Being organized especially at this time in the year will help students to stay ahead and on top of all their obligations. Buy a calendar and right down important due dates, look at the calendar on canvas, and make a to-do list. Using a calendar makes it easier to tell what is coming ahead.

Next, make sure to get good amounts of sleep at night, this will help so that students are more focused during their classes. Eating healthy food, or just eat food at all. This will also help with focusing and energy levels.

The third tip is for students to set personal goals, and to find ways of study that work best for them. Both will help to alleviate the stress that will come with finals week. Finding the best way to study now will make future study and homework sessions a breeze. Setting personal goals can be starting on that 10-page research paper now even though it’s due in three weeks, or to make it a goal to go to bed before 2 a.m.

The last tip is to treat yourself. With all that is going on it is still important for students to take the time and treat themselves. Use this technique during studying. Do homework for an hour, and then relax for 20 minutes, then go back for another hour of studying. There is always time for students to take a minute and do something that they enjoy or find rewarding.

Katie Thomas commented, “I want to get good grades so that I can go on to bigger and better things with my education. I know that staying motivated will help me with this goal.”

Remember that just as past semesters have flown by, finals week will be here in no time with summer following soon after. Use these tips and many others to ensure that this semester will end with motivation, happiness, and confident students.

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