T-Rex Sightings on Campus

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Several sightings of a Tyrannosaurus Rex have been reported on campus

Standing in the Heritage Plaza, Amanda Sorenson shows "T. Rex Anderson" her way around campus. Photo taken by Adam Allred.

Standing in the Heritage Plaza, Amanda Sorenson shows “T. Rex Anderson” her way around campus. Photo taken by Adam Allred.

this semester. In the library, crashing student parties, even at an unofficial True Badger Night, sightings of this prehistoric monster continue to be reported. When Geology professors teach that this giant predator became extinct 65 million years ago, and yet sightings are becoming increasingly popular.

To understand the reason behind these sightings, it is important to understand the culprits behind it. This “T-Rex” is actually an inflatable suit that several students have used to make surprise appearances.

One such case occurred at a game night. Halfway through the festivities, witnesses report that a student dressed in an 8-foot tall T-Rex costume walked into the room unannounced, giving each person in the room high fives.  After doing this, the T-Rex costumed student ran back out into the snowy night. The following day, this student was identified as sophomore, Jaron Murray.

When asked why he dressed up as a T-Rex, Murray replied, “I like to entertain people and make them laugh. A T-Rex has short arms, so they’re funny.  You know, they really inspire me because they lived life even through difficult trials and adversities they had to deal with because of their short arms. The T-Rex owned its small arms and was a beast all the way up to its extinction.”

The following Tuesday evening another unidentified student dressed as a T-Rex made a surprise appearance in the library. Student Jacob Bateman shared his reaction to this surprise visit,

“I thought it was awesome, he was in the library giving people hugs. It brightened my day like all get out.  People are at college and they get uptight because everyone’s stressed out. But when you look up and there’s a giant T Rex walking around, you can’t help but laugh.”

On several occasions, students dressed in costumes such as Marvel’s Spiderman™ and Lucas Film’s Darth Vader™ have made surprise appearances on campus, usually carrying themselves as peaceful, humorous vigilantes seeking to raise the morale of students.

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