Taco Tuesday Celebration

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Andrue Holmes and Dakota Caldwell are celebrating the success of their Taco Tuesday party by sharing a taco. Photo by Brynne Adamson

Students Andrue Holmes, Dakota Caldwell, Rylan Huff, and Spencer Call hosted a Taco Tuesday celebration in their apartment at Park Place on Tuesday, August 22. 

Having heard of free food, Snow College students gathered outside Apartment A6 late Tuesday afternoon.  Using 7 lbs. of meat they purchased and many other ingredients that totaled around $50, master chefs Spencer and Rylan cooked for the masses that came into their apartment.  Andrue and Dakota attended their guests while they waited in line.  “There were about 70-80 people that came,” Andrue said.  Many of the students who came to the party enjoyed the food and hung out for a while.  Overall, it was a considerable success and multiple students left satisfied that day.  

The party was much bigger than the hosts thought it would be. “I thought it was just going to be 2-3 others, but then Andrue invited a bunch of people,” Dakota said.  Although the turnout was much bigger than originally planned, Dakota found that his favorite part of the event was getting to meet everyone.  The tenants of Apartment A6 certainly made some new friends that day and really appreciated the turnout that they received from those who came.     

The idea to have a Taco Tuesday celebration came from Dakota; it was random and spontaneous, fueled by his love for tacos.  “Make Taco Tuesday great again,” Dakota said.  Although he doesn’t have any taco merchandise to commemorate this love currently, Dakota and his other roommates are considering making shirts.  Such shirts will be great for future taco related events, if they decide to have any.  For any students who want updates on the Taco Tuesday celebrations that might occur at Park Place, Apartment A6, follow Dakota Caldwell on Snapchat @Caldwell35. 

There have been other Taco Tuesday celebrations that have taken place near Snow College campus.  Since they believe they have better chefs, they firmly stated that they will wage war if other people continue doing taco celebrations.  What will come of this, no one is entirely sure. 



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