Take a Course About Fear This Fall

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Professor Nick Marsing is known around campus as the eccentric psychology professor, and this semester, as If living up to his reputation, is teaching a class focusing almost entirely on fear. “You have Halloween in the middle of your semester, how can you not love that? So, with that, I was like ‘Oh, let’s spend a little bit of time on horror’ and I actually was invited to do a few Convocations, and I gave a Convocation on the Psychology of Fear, and it was full. Just packed. People loved it, and so I started to incorporate more of that into this class” Marsing said.

Psychology in Popular Media may sound like an average Psychology class, but to others it’s a little more than that. Marsing describes it as, “a fun, engaging class that helps students have those kind of ‘ooohhh’ moments about media that they’re exposed to all the time.”

Tyler Crompton, a sophomore taking the class, said, “It’s a unique experience to learn. The gait, or pace, of the class is just different. We just talk about fun stuff that we don’t talk about in other classes.”

In the class, Marsing shows movies, has the class tell ghost stories, do full-on analyses of popular horror films, and discuss the themes, tropes, and scares found in horror films and what they do to individuals and societies.

Professor Nick Marsing’s Psychology in Popular Media Class is taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM and counts for two Psychology Elective credits for Psychology Majors and two Elective credits for all other Majors. This class is an all-inclusive course that strives to please everyone, and as Marsing describes, “[it has] everything from ghost stories and horror movies, and love and romance, to body image. We talk about so much…I think there’s something there for everybody.” The last day to add this class is October 28, so get in line at the Advisor’s Office and join this class.

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