Teacher on Leave for Sex Survey

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A Utah high school teacher has been put on administrative leave after assigning a questionable survey of students’ sexual histories for her Adult Roles and Financial Literacy class.

According to a screenshot of the survey, The Salt Lake Tribune obtained from the school district’s online portal and the survey asked high school juniors questions such as, “Have you (girl) ever had an abortion?” and “Even though you are straight would you go kinky to see what [it’s] like[?]”

Allegedly, each answer received an “indecency” score that when added up placed the respondent into one of eight indecency categories, with the lowest score receiving a ranking of “A nerd—just where you should be at your age,” an average score receiving a “Normal and decent,” and the highest score receiving a “Hopeless and condemned,” according to the screenshot.

The quiz was administered to students at Roy High school, part of the Weber County School District in the Salt Lake City area.

According to Fox 13 News, the school sent out a letter to parents on Monday September 11 assuring them that “the situation is being investigated” while the teacher is on leave. The letter noted, “While the course itself contains instruction in human sexuality to which parents consented . . . parental consent was not obtained for this particular set of questions, as is required by state and federal law.”

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the Adult Roles class counts toward graduation requirements at Roy, and the survey was to be turned in for a grade.

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