Teaching and Technology Center: Cameras, Tripods and More

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Snow College has long been noted for its successful Art Department which specializes in subjects such as photography, theater and film. These types of programs require specialized equipment, and students participating don’t always have the tools they need on hand to be successful in their classes.

This is why Snow College has a center for that specific reason! The Teaching and Technology Center provides resources for students who are in the required registered classes. Chase Mitchell, the director of teaching and technology at the center, added a bit of insight when he said,”The equipment is a part of the center for new media, and it was purchased with the idea to give students access to professional level equipment, to produce professional level productions.” 

Mitchell went on to specify that although this equipment is readily available, it is only to be used by students in classes that are registered in the TTC. These classes include subjects in the Art, Communications, and Business Departments as well as several others that require school equipment to be used.

 “Once a student is able to check out equipment because they are registered in one of the classes that we allow, they can check it out almost any time for almost anything.”

This means that registered students can check out cameras, tripods, studio lighting kits, green screen tools, and much more. In fact, every piece of equipment in the TTC adds up to around $80,000. The center also runs canvas which means they’re the ones to contact when something goes wrong in that area.

While Mitchell discussed several other uses of the TTC, he mentioned that all students (not just registered ones) can access the free Adobe programs that the college provides. This includes Photoshop and Premiere Pro, which are both used by professionals.

With these kinds of resources and assistance readily available, the Teaching and Technology Center is specifically there to help students achieve their career goals and succeed, which is why it’s so important to know more about it and partake in its many benefits.

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