Teenage Joyride Turns to Tragedy

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In Ogden, Utah on Monday, September 7, two teenagers stole car keys to a truck and went for a joy ride. This resulted in a three car crash.

A man had left his keys in the ignition of his Dodge truck. According to Good 4 Utah news, two 13-year-olds started up the car and proceeded to drive it. The owner chased after the car and hopped in the back of the truck.

The two kids hit a jeep and another black car. All cars were hit hard and onlookers explained that there was smoke and debris everywhere. At the scene of the crash, one of the kids ran away and the other stayed. Authorities say that everyone ended up coming out of it in stable condition.

A woman and her four kids were in the jeep, and the person in the black car had to be cut out, but luckily they all ended up fine. Surprisingly the owner of the Dodge left with minimal injuries. The thirteen-year-old was beat up on the knees and on his hands, but no broken bones.

Authorities have evaluated the situation and determined that the two boys will be prosecuted in juvenile court.

Good 4 Utah news reminds us that we “should never keep our keys in the car and always lock your doors.” Keep yourself buckled up and stay safe on the road.

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