Tennis Begins with Love 

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Need a Club? Want to be active? Want to meet great people? Want to learn a new sport? Tennis Club is where it is at. Join the tennis club today!

Snow College student Tessa Christensen would describe tennis as “A fun way to be active, meet new people, and relieve stress.” Tessa goes on to say, “The tennis club at Snow College has been a great way for me to get out and be social and also have fun!”

The tennis club not only plays tennis but holds competitions within the club. They also practice different types of tennis related drills. Some of the club favorites include king of the court, balls up, and wave. The objective is to work on tennis fundamentals and learn the sport while having fun. The tennis club is a great way to stay polished and retain tennis muscle memory.

The tennis club meets once a week at the Snow College Sports Complex on Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm. No matter the skill level, the tennis club is for anyone who wants to play a fun sport, meet new people, stay active during school, and have tons of fun. The tennis club at Snow College is a great way to be active, make friends, learn, and play a fun new sport. As the weather is getting colder the tennis club will continue court play as spring approaches.

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